Sukelyas Lancashire Heelers

Since 1998

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More or less coincidentally we found the Lancashire Heeler as our second breed. In 1998 we imported the first Lancashire Heeler in The Netherlands: Foxthyme Miss Marpeline, aka Marple. A year later, we brought the first male to The Netherlands: Foxthyme Captain Hastings. With these two we had the first Heeler litter ever in The Netherlands. In the meanwhile, it has become our only breed. 

On the photos you see the six dogs that we have at present. 


Marple died in 2013 at the age of 15 1/2, Hastings in 2009 at the age of 11 (cancer). Their daughter Bangle passed away too. In January 2017 she died due to a viral gastrointestinal infection. Therefore you find no photos of them here, but you can find them here.  

With Geena (13 years) and Abby (8 years), we have another two veterans at home.

A lot of heelers joined our family in the last 18 years. The latest one from abroad is Cilla, a daughter of Abby's sibling Marmalade's Drama Queen. Cilla was born in March 2013.


After two litters in October 2013, we kept two bitches, but Daisy left us in 2015 for a place that was much better for her. Top-down: Bangle (Sukelyas Bangle, own breeding, 2000), Geena (McHeel's Geena-D, Finland, 2004), Abby (Marmalade's Dutch Diva, Finland, 2008), Cilla (Marmalade's Lydia Black, Finland, 2013). In the right column, top-down: Lynne (Bellsmond Kindred Spirit, Engeland, 2011) and Calli (Sukelyas Calliope, own breeding, 2013).